Full Day Classroom CE Courses

    Most of the full-day CE classroom courses are for 7 hours of CE. Contact us for fee structure. As with the half-day courses the Surety Class (Understanding Bonds) is taught by Jack Dumpert. All of the others are conducted by Dave Sanborn

These are course overviews. Contact us if you wish more course details.

*Contractual Liability & Additional Insureds—  (New in 2015 ) We have a half-day version of this program which has always been the most well received program we have ever put together. That program is still available but I decided to put together a one-day program also for those that want even more depth on this important subject. With some recent court cases and the major changes with the 4/13 ISO CGL forms we decided that having a full day option just made sense. We will “dig” even deeper and discuss things like auto also.

*Commercial Lines “Gray” Areas--This program looks at major coverage issues in            commercial lines. Class time is not spent on basics but on troublesome/problem areas; "gray" areas. This program is "fast-paced" as it takes a look at these troublesome areas. We will also mention the latest changes with some key commercial forms. During much of the program we will not look at things "line by line" but "issue by issue" and how that issue relates to various commercial lines.

*Ideas at Renewal-- This one day program is really a commercial account handling program and/or a commercial lines "potpourri". We will look at key areas that are often handled incorrectly and remind you of key points and/or alternatives. We will also discuss current "hot" topics and recent or proposed changes in major lines. This is a technical insurance program but technical people have a sales advantage.

*General Liability--The CGL policy has actually changed 8 times since simplification and it has changed again. The latest edition date is 4/13 and this program will go over the changes as well as discuss all the major issues of GL that are always “an issue” regardless of edition date. This is a good class for anyone that handles GL or who hopes to.

*Contractor’s Account Handling-- This program will cover major property-casualty needs of contractors. The program combines insurance product with account handling/survey techniques. The session is geared to "putting to work" coverage/account handling and emphasizing how third party coverages/needs blend with first party needs/coverages and current market conditions.

*Understanding Bonds-- Surety bonds from their fascinating origin and history to their crucial place in today’s economy. Topics include bonds in construction, court and fiduciary bonds, commercial surety bonds, underwriting principals and placement through the American agency system. This class is taught by Jack Dumpert.