People have always asked me for coverage information and here are a few of my favorite resources. (RIE receives NO compensation for this)

*Publications--There are many and you might be getting them “bundled” with something else but my favorite “written” word is FC&S Bulletins from National Underwriter. Just a tremendous wealth of information that is updated monthly. I still get paper as I like to “flip” the pages. Not everything should be digital in my opinion. Of course, you can get FC&S in digital format also.

*Web Sites--you can "click it" if it is underlined and blue.



    ** the things on their site--

            Environmental Coverage Case Law --A review of all major      
             environmental case law in the US broken down by  
             category. You can view the PDF online or request a free
              printed copy.

     Others from Munich Re--Search their pubulication portal for lots of good information.

Business Income Worksheets--There are many things to know about Business Income but one important one--the ISO worksheet is not even close to the number that you need for a limit----it is just a place to start the process. Some Carriers have online calculators that are better. Here is one from Zurich---
            BII calculator--

**IIABA’s Virtual University--  In my opinion one of the VERY best!  Not only a wealth of articles and information but an “ASK the Expert” e-mail service. Headed by Bill Wilson who is a GREAT Coverage Geek. You need to be a member of the Big-I. 


**My New searchable and browsable directory    of Property Casualty Insurance Markets combined with an active community of more than 15,000 members. Also, many coverage articles.

**Binding Authority--Lots of coverage issue attached to court decisions and hot topics. You can subscribe to the newsletter also.

**Clausen Miller--this is an Insurance Defense Law Firm. They have a variety of info on their Website as well as newsletters you can sign up for that are free.

**Saxe Doernberger & Vita--a law firm in CT that specializes in Insurance Disputes. Webpage tracks important cases nationwide.