Subrogation--Do's & Don'ts

       This topic has alway been a favorite of mine. In fact, I have always wondered if Subrogation is really worth it? Do we just “move” money around with this whole thing and just make attorneys rich? I wrote an article with those major questions years ago. It was published in National Underwriter and got lots of response. I got hate mail from a few attorneys. Regardless of one’s point of view, however, it is a topic that comes up a lot and everyone seems to want to know whether they can waive subrogation or not and what the procedure should be.

    Important Point--we all say that an insurance company "subrogates" the negligent party. That is incorrect. The insurance company "subrogates" their own insured. The word literally means to "step into the shoes of another". 

    I have posted a paper on subrogation “dos and don’ts” below which I wrote several years ago. However, it is still relevant. You can look at it if you desire and use it for reference. Hope it helps.