Landslides in Washington State

     Like all of you I have been watching the sad results arising out of the landslide in WA State  What has surprised me is that no one (at least that I have heard) has brought up the topic of insurance while reporting this on the news. My guess is that none of those folks have insurance for their homes (cars, yes as long as they have comprehensive and collision). It may be “possible” to get the coverage with a personal lines DIC but that is very difficult and very expensive. That loss would not be—

    *Flood—Flood covers flood which is a defined term. The NFIP Flood policy specifically excludes mudslide and landslide. Flood covers mudflow (a river of mud) arising out of a flood but this is not a flood. This is just landslide/land movement. It might have been caused by rain but it is was not caused by a flood as defined by NFIP.

     *Earthquake—Earthquake covers earthquakes; it does not cover any and all earth movement. There must be a quake that is measurable on the Richter scale, etc. That did not happen here. There was no quake; the land just let loose and, of course, this has happened in that area in the past—-apparently quite a few times. 

     A standard HO policy (or any standard property policy) flatly excludes Earth Movement. Again, I have heard of a personal lines DIC being written for situations like this but 99% of people would not be able to get it and/or they would not pay the premium. 

      Been a little late with BLOGs. Spring and Fall are busy with classroom courses so I get a little behind. Things will now improve.