Knowing the 'NUMBERS'

       CG 00 01 12 07--Ever wonder what this means? Two Letters followed by eight numbers?? Most companies follow ISO numbering even if they do not follow ISO. I am often surprised how many people (including people with lots of experience) have no idea what the numbers mean at the bottom of forms and endorsements. They mean a lot and have for over 40 years. By “knowing” the numbers you can quickly categorize a form or endorsement and this can make your life much easier!!!

    Let’s start with the 2 letters---they tell you the line--SO--

    CG = General Liability; CP = Commercial Property; CA = Commercial Auto;

You get the idea. This is also true with personal lines--

    PP = Personal Auto; HO = Homeowners

     NEXT--the last 4 numbers.  These are always the edition date and apply to all forms and endorsements.

     The real INFO comes with the first two numbers. This varies somewhat by line but let’s start with a couple of items that are always true--

    00 = Coverage Form (this is also true in personal lines)

So, CG 00 01 is the CGL/occurrence form; CG 00 02 is the claims-made form.

CA 00 01 is the Business Auto Policy; CA 00 05 is the Garage Form. HO 00 03 is the Homeowners 3 form. Again, you get the idea.

       10 = Causes of Loss Forms--Commercial Property

      The first 2 numbers are always important but things change from now on line by line--These numbers are always on endorsements

     04 = Additional Coverage Endorsement (many lines including

                       Com. Property; GL; HO)

15 = Time Element Endorsements--Commercial Property

20 = Additional Insureds--CGL

21 and 22 = Exclusion/Limitation Endorsements--CGL

17 = Condo Endorsements--Commercial & Personal Lines

99 = Additional Coverage--Commercial Auto

      On and on it goes. You can get a “list” for each line and have it handy on paper and/or electronically. But, trust me, “knowing the numbers” can make your life quite a bit easier and you can “dazzle” your colleagues when you play insurance jeopardy!