Property Damage Exclusions


" J" c,c,c-- “verb/operations/hands on”--every liability policy has a
             c,c,c exclusion of some type. Among the key areas that need to be addressed.

                                                                                                                              yes           no     

               A- Does the insured rent real property?                                                          

How to handle:

1- Fire Legal (watch limit & perils)--can we get more perils or Property Damage Legal?
                More on      Fire Legal

2- Add'l Insured to building policy

3- Waiver in rental contract

           B- Does the insured rent/lease/borrow personal property/equipment?                     

How to handle:

First Party/Marine and/or Contents to include property of others.

            C- Owned property exposure?--Always first party!

            D-  Physical Control/Management Control--As always, think first party.    

Many carriers have GOOD enhancements in the c,c,c area.

Volumes have been written on property damage and I did not want to “weigh” you down with this guide but here are a few more items.

“J”--Notice the ‘interesting’ change in j-1. You will find this on Excess policies also.

    Sometimes we exclude ALL property; sometime just Personal Property;
           sometimes just Real Property

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