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        ISO CGL is the most “standardized” form in commercial insurance. Edition dates vary, of course, which might make a real difference. When a new form comes along it does not mean that an old form goes away. So, you might be running into a variety of different ISO forms and then many carriers add or subtract.  So—always check the edition date. Latest date right now is 12/07.

HOT Items with GL right now—

*Was it an “OCCURRENCE”?  As we have said over and over this is the “hottest of the HOT”

          *e-Risk—The trend is to exclude but provide buybacks on all lines. HOWEVER, personal injury gives some    
                  excellent coverage as long as you are not “in the business”.

    *Making Your Coverage “Excess” if you have coverage for the loss somewhere else as an additional insured which would make that coverage primary. ISO has really improved this BUT there is lots of debate relative to Excess Policies. More on this subject

Horizontal v. Vertical

BTW—The authors of the above article on Vertical v. Horizontal Exhaustion are attorneys with 

Saxe Doernberger & Vita. Good Website for Insurance/legal issues.

        This is always a “HOT” Item--Additional Insureds--There is no such thing, nor has there even been such a thing, as an Additional Named Insured endorsement. Get that out of your vocabulary. Here is a good overview of the type of coverage granted to an Additional Insuerd---vicarious; contingent! No coverage for Sole Negligence

Named Insureds v. Additional Insureds

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