Geek Corner

      You know who you are! You are on vacation looking at a beautiful location (like above) and you are still thinking about coverage issues! Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are lots of us out there. We will place some "issues" on this page for you geeks and, of course, lots more in the BLOG postings. 

“You/Your” v. Other Insureds

      The Second Paragraph of virtually every policy today states that the two pronouns “you” and “your” only apply to Named Insureds.  To be a Named Insured (and hence a “you” and a “your”) your name better show up on the Dec Page.  There are also ‘automatic insureds’ and, of course, additional insureds but only Named Insureds apply when you see “you” and/or “your.”

    We all ‘assume’ that Named Insureds get the broadest coverage the policy has to offer.  That is ‘generally’ true. However, there are some strange situations where there might actually be broader coverage for non-Named Insureds.

  • With GL everything is covered unless it is excluded.
  • You look at every insured separately

    Look at the Property Damage Exclusions. Sometimes the coverage is removed for any insured but, frequently, the Pd exclusion only applies to “you/r”.  It appears that it quite a few of the “pd areas” there is broader coverage for automatic or additional insureds than Named Insureds as automatics and additionals are not “you/r.”  Fascinating!

    Often it does not matter much as the automatic insured or additional insured has to show a connection to the Named Insured anyhow but, at times, this subtlety could make a real difference.  There appears to be quite a few situations where “non-Named Insureds” might have coverage for property damage when the Named Insured would not.  

Just something to keep in mind.