Here is a   LIST of all ISO/CGL endorsements

Know the Numbers--IT is AMAZING that folks don’t know how important the first 2 numbers are on coverage forms and endorsements--

    *00 =    Coverage Form (CG 00 01 as an example)

    *04 =    Endorsment--always adding coverage

    *20 =    Additional Insured Endorsement (32)

    *21 or *22 = Always removing or restricting coverage

    *24 =    Various

    *25 =    Limits

    *26 =    State Specific

    *27 =    Exclusive to Claims-Made

                We put endorsements on policies to change things.  Sometimes that is good and sometimes it is not.  Endorsements must be checked.  Remember to categorize the endorsement immediately.  Watch out for endorsements that start with a 

            “21” or a “22.”

    The best you can do is the best you can do but here is a list of the ones that bother me the most---

*CG 21 39—Blanket Contractual back to Incidental Contracts only.  This is a tremendous reduction.

*CG 22 94—For a General Contractor this is also a real change.

*CG 21 49—Everyone says that the policy has an ‘absolute’ pollution exclusion.  That is absolute nonsense.  There is a great deal of coverage with the standard exclusion.  It has also gotten betterover the years. 
With this endorsement you have NOTHING—bi, pd or clean up.  You do not even have coverage for smoke from a hostile fire.

    *The Professional Exclusion Endorsements—A book can be written on this but these are the most widely ‘misunderstood’ and misused.  Sure, a physician will have a professional exclusion on his/her CGL.  We know that must be covered under his/her professional policy. But what if the professional policy (95% of E&O policies) also excludes bi/pd.  Now you have a situation where both policies might exclude major losses.This whole area really needs to be cleaned up!

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