Coverage A Exclusions

 When it comes to General Liability; Section A, you can really divide exclusions/issues/problems into two large categories/groups.

¬ Group I--What I call the “Big Block” Category where we exclude bi and pd.

¬ Group II--Property Damage Issues/Problems--the HASSLE MAKERS!

     Group #1--With this group we generally handle the need produced by the exclusion by writing another policy.  How do you handle the Worker’s Compensation/Employer’s Liability Exclusion?  You write a WC/EL policy!  Easy!  Many coverage issues produced by one policy are covered by another policy. I will go over these one by one.

Exclusion--(letter follows the letter on the CGL)

a-   No insurance gives you coverage for intentional acts but, remember, the intentional act must lead to    
      an intentional injury. Also, to be intentional there must be an element of pre-meditation!

                                                                                                      yes           no

b-   Contractual--is the insured assuming someone else's liability by contract?                                                        

c-     Liquor Liability--Is the insured in the“business of”? Normal,            
        host liquor liability isnot a problem but be aware of the            
            CG 21 50 or CG 21 51.                                                                                  
____      ____ 

d-     Worker’s Compensation or ‘other law’??                                                                                             ____      ___

e-      Employer’s Liability--this includes things like ‘third party cross back” suits. 
            Limits high enough?  Remember that an Umbrella will be
            ‘excess’ here also.                                                                                          ____      ____ 

f-       Pollution--  EVERY Insured has a pollution exposurr of some kind!           ____      ____ 
           How serious is the exposure.  If it is more than ‘minimal’ see the
            additional information.

               Some Key points to always remember with Pollution--

               **It is not an absolute exclusion (unless endorsed and was never intended to be!

               ***Exclusion has been re-written 4 times since simplification--
                         each time coverage was improved!

               ****This is not just a “pd/clean-up” exclusion.  It also excludes BODILY INJURY!

g-        Things that GO (as in ‘g’)--

          1-   Aircraft---including ‘hired/non-owned‘                                                        ____      ____ 

               *Interesting Point--liability assumed by contract IS covered by the CGL;
                  any size aircraft.         

          2-   Watercraft--you just have limited non-owned                                            ____      ____

                 *Same Interesting Point here as with aircraft.

            3-    Automobile--                                                                                          ____      ____ 

            *Same Interesting point about contractual does NOT apply here.
                   Look to BAP and/or PAP to cover

*Everyone has an auto exposure; at the least they have a “hired-non-owned” need.

**TRY to put the BAP & CGL in the same carrier!!!**

¬ Autos v. Mobile Equipment--will this issue NEVER go away? NO!!!

¬ Loading/Unloading--it is covered by auto until the “loading & unloading” is completed          
           unless unloaded with a piece of mobile equipment.

¬ Operations v. Completed Operations---GL would still cover a completed operations loss if the work was done by auto. Think snow plowing. Of course, the insured must have a CGL. CGL covers "completed operations" losses NOT auto!

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