10 GOOD Things

 1-    Remove the contractual exclusion (e) from Personal Injury.

2-    Add “shock/mental anguish” to the definition of “bodily injury.”

3-    Remove the bi to a “co-employee” exclusion in Who Is an Insured.

4-   Expand Fire Legal to Property Damage Legal or at least more perils.
         (Increase the limit also).

5- Give Insured status to “previous” partnerships.

6- Make the policy EXCESS over any other policy that provides coverage to the Named Insured as long  
        as it is valid, available and collectible.

7- If a General Contractor make sure that exclusion “l” remains unchanged.  

8-   Expand the General Aggregate with the CG 25 03 or CG 25 04.

9-  Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement but watch the limit issue.

10- Your insurance will be primary and will provide completed operations but
         ONLY if required by contract.

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