10 BAD Things

1-   CG 22 94 if your insured is a general contractor.

2-    Residential Exclusion if your insured puts a nail in any residence.

3-     Professional Exclusions in general UNLESS you are POSITIVE that the loss is                                      
         covered under the Professional Policy.

4-   The TOTAL Pollution Exclusion.  (However, pollution coverage endorsements are really good for      
       many insureds).

5-    CG 21 39—this takes away Blanket Contractual and takes you back to the 
           5 Incidental Contracts only.

6-     Watch closely if an endorsement starts with a “21” or “22”!!

7-   No “consumption” exception to the Fungi/Bacteria Exclusion.

8-   Mobile Equipment/Auto Arguments--Avoid if possible!

9-   Not being able to find the policy that was in effect when the
        “occurrence” took place.

10- Discovering that the Umbrella is not even EXCESS!

10 GOOD Things