General Liability Surveying

 *A Survey Guide is only helpful if it is not a burden. Feel free to make this work for you or me know about things to change ( Areas of emphasis change depending on the type of insured. PD losses become HUGE for Contractors and yet they are not nearly as important for manufactures. That is just one example.

With GL there are a few very important principles—Coverage A

*Legal Liability--With any liability policy the carrier never pays the insured, the carrier always pays someone else and will only pay if the insured is negligent (or the carrier thinks they might be negligent). Make sure that clients know the difference between ‘legal liability’ and ‘good will’. If ‘legally liable’ is not good enough think about something else. GKLL v. Bailees is a good example!

*Bodily Injury--This is a defined term. Remember--when an attorney uses the phrase “personal injury” s/he is referring to what we call “personal injury”. We will get into personal injury later.

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   *Property Damage--Physical destruction to tangible property including the loss of use of damaged and undamaged property.

      BI/PD Losses fall under Coverage A. They must be caused by an “occurrence”. GL is ‘snap/crackle/pop’ coverage not just a ‘mistake’ coverage. Without a bi/pd loss caused by an “occurrence” you have not gotten the ball rolling. 

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