Well--I guess we should blow our own home a little bit. RIE has a long list of clients (we have had most for many years). To "name drop" a few--

*AON Risk Services--across the US

     *RCMD--Towson, MD

          *Marshall & Sterling--Poughkeepsie, NY

                 *Atlas Insurance--Honolulu, HI

                       *Victor Schinnerer & Co

                                  *Donegal Insurance Group

                                           *BankNorth--New England

                                                  *Capacity Group--NY; NJ; CT

IIA of NY---IIA of LA---IIA of NH--IIA of ME--IIA of WA

A few Testimonials from Students--(we can give you many more if desired)

"Thanks for the classes, as always, they were great!"--JA--AON; Miami, FL

*Best class I have ever attended and I have been to MANY"--CNA executive after
         'Contractual Liability & Additional Insureds' class given at the FAIA convention in 2011.

*You make a difficult subject interesting and even entertaining"--FB; Marsh, NYC

"I did not know a CE class could go so well. You make the process easy"--RW; Schinnerer & Co.

"Our members love you"--DB; IIABNY