Classroom Courses-CE-Half Day

    Most half-day classes are 4 hours of CE but several are 5 hours. These are the most popular programs. They are fast paced and up to date with the latest coverage issues and what is happening "on the street". Often, a client has 2 'half-dayers' in the same day. Contact us for fees. The Surety and Crime Programs are taught by Jack Dumpert. Jack is an expert in these fields. All of the others are taught by Dave Sanborn.

These are course overviews. Contact us if you wish more course details.

*Contractual Liability & Additional Insureds--(5 hours of CE in most states)--This is the most popular program that RIE has ever developed and the whole area has become a specialty. Everyone is trying to transfer their risk to someone else and we all wonder--what’s covered and what isn’t?? What does Blanket Contractual really mean?? How much coverage does an A-I really have? This is a very confusing area but a very interesting area. This class will help you through the maze and you will enjoy it. It will bring you up to date with the latest endorsements being used (4/13) and the latest “issues” with ‘Blanket’ Additional Insurds Coverage.

*Liability Update and Review (updated & re-worked for 2017)- (5 hours of CE in most states)—People are always concerned about liability issues, changes, problems.  This fast-paced half-day program will address the latest changes with the latest CGL (4/13 edition) and GL endorsements as well as the "hottest" current issues in GL. Certain areas of liability are always an "issue" regardless of edition date so we will discuss that also.

*10 “HOT” Personal Lines Coverage Gap/Issues New class for 2014. I know that most of you are commercial insurance folks. HOWEVER, I contantly get personal lines questions from agents/brokers that often come from commercial line accounts. EVERYONE has personal lines questions ( “My child started her first year in college. Is————————“). This class is a fast-paced class that will address these types of questions/issues (“should I buy the CDW when I rent a car”) that come up from clients at all levels!

*Commercial Property "Potpourri" -- This program is an assortment of various commercial property items.  It is a good refresher/review of key property items. The program is also designed to update the participants. This class will look at key issues in a short period of time so it is fast paced.

*10 “HOT” Coverage Issues RIght NOW --(5 hours of CE in most states)--As the title states this program will look at 10 Issues that are important right now. This is a fast-paced half-day class that will look at property and casualty issues. We will even mention a couple of personal lines items but this is a commercial lines class.

*10 Misunderstood Items with GL Liability tends to cause the most confusion among clients/insureds as well as agents and brokers.  However, most people “like” liability and enjoy discussing it. This class will not only have the “instructor’s 10” but will include discussion of the latest ISO endorsements including new ones coming out 6/15. We expect participants to add to the ‘list’ from their experience.

*Construction Defects-- This program is designed to hit all the hot items relative to Construction Defects. We will spend lots of time on the “hottest” item---the word “occurrence” and the 2nd hottest--the Economic Loss Doctrine. We will also examine 1st party issues.

*Commercial Endorsements-- As the name states this class is about commercial endorsements---Property; GL and Commercial Auto. How to categorize endorsements so that you quickly know what you are looking at. Is the endorsement probably “good news” or “bad news”. We will look at 4/13 endorsements here.

*Commercial Auto--This program will follow a fast-paced agenda to review/remind/enlighten the participant of key items with Commercial Auto with a little Personal Auto tossed in.  The session is not designed to go over the policies in depth but to go over areas that are often confused and misunderstood.  In addition, the program will review recent changes in the coverage which is important right now.   

*Ethics--They have always been important; not just “recently.”  This program will review the role of Ethics in history, our lives and in our day-to-day business practices in the insurance industry.  Case examples will be used as well as lecture/discussion.  Due to the nature of this subject we will have several “hands on” situations, which will produce discussion. This program will meet your state’s CE/Ethics requirement.

*Business Income----This program will discuss the various types of indirect loss and coverage options.  Much of the time will be dedicated to developing the proper limits and when to add expanding endorsements. No line of insurance is more often handled incorrectly relative to proper limits then the various business interruption forms. Major changes have been made to the “standard forms” over the years and especially with the 10/12 editions.  We will bring everyone “up to date.” This is a good overview of BII but, don’t worry, it is not a program for the Business Income “expert”.

*Looking at Leases--Individuals and businesses sign them all the time but generally don't look at anything but the price!  This class will look at various leases of both personal and real property.  We will look at what the lessee and lessor have each agreed to do and how their insurance responds or does not respond!  The class will combine first party situations with third party situations. This class is approved for 5 hours of CE in many states.

*Key Misunderstood Items with Auto--No line produces more questions than auto. This program is geared to key items that people confuse relative to automobile coverage.  It will combine personal and commercial auto as no line “co-mingles” business and personal as much as auto.  It will help the attendee answer questions when asked by clients as well as help you answer your own questions.

Other Half-Day Programs--

*Occurrence v. Claims-Made-- This program is designed to help all attendees understand the major ramifications of claims-made coverage.  The importance of timing, options, how to evaluate Extended Reporting Periods. How things vary among different forms/coverages. Certain coverages have always used claims-made but it is can by your only option for “standard lines” at times also.  Agents and brokers must be alert about doing things correctly and doing things on time.  

*Pollution and Environmental Liability--Everyone knows that pollution liability is a major problem/exposure but many people do not know exactly what it is.  Since 1986 everyone has told you that the CGL now has an “absolute” pollution exclusion.  That is “absolutely” not true.  We will look at the CGL and the BAP and the MANY changes since 1986. EVERYONE has a pollution exposure; the only question is “how big is it”? Is Chinese Drywall a pollutant??

*How to Read an Insurance Policy--I know what you are saying---this is something one learns in his/her licensing class...or is it?  An insurance policy is a "contract" and has to be read that way.  While we all spend time on exclusions we tend to "skip" conditions and how an insurance policy "fits" together.  This class is going to go over the structure of an insurance policy; how to read it and how to find things and how to “check” for important items. Trust US—You will not only enjoy this class but you will be shocked at what you did not know! 

*Umbrellas/Excess--This program will begin by reminding participants of key underlying needs to meet umbrella requirements.  After that, the discussion will turn to Umbrellas;  what to look for and how to compare key items with this uncontrolled line in a workshop format.  We will use checklists to review the key areas. (We will have this class as a Self-Study program also).

 The Following Courses are taught by Jack Dumpert

Crime Insurance

A broad overview of commercial insurance products that meet the hazards of loss by crime. Emphasis on Employee Theft and Money and Securities Coverages. Other topics include ERISA, Package Policies and Cybercrime.        

CyberCrime & CyberCrime Insurance

While this subject is discussed in the Crime program it has become so BIG that we now have a separate 3-hour class exclusively devoted to the key issues of CyberCrime!

Surety Bonds – Contract Surety and Commercial SuretyA half day version of the big bond course. Ideal for multiple presentations.

Surety Bonds – Contract Surety

    Bonds in Public Construction, the largest segment of the bond market is explored in all its many facets

Surety Bonds – Commercial Surety

Court Bonds, Fiduciary Bonds, License and Permit Bonds and many others are explored in this highlyProfitable segment of the bond market

Surety Bonds – Financial Analysis

A unique course unlike any other offered anywhere. Case studies are used to explore the fundamental of financial analysis for both Contract Surety Bonds and Commercial Surety Bonds.